Are you way too stressed? Nursing is a rewarding yet challenging profession. We want to find out just how stressed today's nurses are so that we can uncover the unique cause and effect of stress on our daily lives - at work and at home.
I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

I eat at least two balanced meals per day.

I am able to concentrate on the things I enjoy when outside of work.

I try not to do everything myself.

My job does not interfere with family, social or personal obligations.

I feel I have the authority I need to do my job well.

I am able to speak openly at work about my feelings and get things off my chest.

I feel that I am respected and my work is appreciated within my organization.

I do something fun outside of work at least once a week.

I feel fairly compensated for my nursing expertise.

How many years have you spent as a registered nurse?

What are some of the things that stress you out the most? (Optional)

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Thank you for taking our survey. You are contributing to a national study that will help shape the future of our industry! The results will be published on our Legal Nurse Consulting Blog in June 2014.

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